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One question I get all the time is, are their really rats in the sewer? Well I think you need to take a look at this video. You may want to get off the toilet a little faster once you see this. I have ran a sewer camera thousands of times and its not often you see this, so it’s okay to stay seated on the toilet and not worry about a sewer rat taking a bite out of your behind. The best thing about having a sewer camera run down your sewer is it takes all the guess work out of what the cause of the problem is. I get calls all the time asking for a price for a new sewer line that another plumber told them they have to replace it and once I run the cameras, we find out all they need is a small repair. I have saved some homeowners in Rancho Cucamonga thousands of dollar over the past 20 years. If your looking for a second opinion on replacing your sewer line, lets run a camera and give you the most affordable option available.

Video Camera Sewer Line Location

We use the sewer camera to pinpoint the problem with the sewer and once we do, we can locate that area. Not only can we locate the area, we can also locate how deep the pipe is. This has helped us with giving an accurate price. I have given the exact price to do a repair and the homeowner will ask how I can give an exact price when all the other estimates they get are highs and lows such as $600.00 to $800.00 The reason for this is the plumber did not have the proper equipment to give an accurate price and that tends to be at the expense of the customer. We will do it right the first time and keep the price where it needs to be.


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Video Sewer Inspections in Rancho Cucamonga