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Rancho Cucamonga Main Sewer LineMain Sewer Drain Clog, What Could It Be?

The most common clog in a main sewer drain is tree roots, believe it or not. Tree roots will destroy a sewer in a matter of a few months depending on the tree. The second and most common main sewer problem in Rancho Cucamonga is the back water valve. A back water valve is a one way trap door in the main sewer line the allows water to only go one way, this is designed so if the city sewer ever backs up, it will not go into your home. They where designed that if your home sat lower then the street you need a back water valve. The city of rancho Cucamonga has made it mandatory that every home has one and it does not make sense.  The major part of Rancho Cucamonga was built after the 70s so most sewers in Rancho are made of A.B.S pipe and are not as venerable to tree roots. One other problem we run into in Rancho Cucamonga is what we call a belly in the line. See below for more on that. If your experiencing problems with your main sewer line, give us a call. We only charge $49.50 to run a drain snake and we also offer other ways to clean a sewer such as hydro jetting and if your sewer needs to be replace, we offer trench-less sewer repair and or replacement.

Belly in Your Main Sewer Line?

What is a belly in a sewer line? A belly in a sewer is in a nutshell, a low spot in the sewer that holds water at all times and eventually all the solids will accumulate in the belly and stop up the main sewer.  If you have a good sewer the slope on the sewer is 1/4″ in slope to every foot of pipe installed. Lets say you have a piece of string and you pull it tight, now lower one end, this is how you sewer line is installed under ground. Now use the same piece of string, put you hands together a little and let the string sag in the middle, this is what a sewer with a belly in it looks like. How is this possible? The number one reason this happens is when the trench for the sewer is dug, the trench is dug too deep and when the person adding some soil back in the trench doesn't compact the bottom, and eventually the pipe sinks, creating the belly.  If you have ever dug in the soil in Rancho Cucamonga, you know that the size of the rocks can get very large. If you dig a sewer trench and you remove rocks the size of a small car, you will have to add soil back in the trench, when you do, be sure to compact the soil or in a few years, you will have a belly in the main sewer line. We can run a video sewer camera down the main sewer line to see if you have a belly in your sewer.


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