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What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a piece of equipment that uses water to clean drain lines. There are many types and sizes of hydro jetters. We have small jetters that we use to clean grease and soap from small drain lines up to 2". We also have a Jetter that is mounted on a trailer and we can clean main sewer pipes up to 24″ in diameter. A few reasons you may want to have a jetter clean the drain rather then using a standard drain snake. Lets take a kitchen sink drain, if you have lots of grease build up and you run a drain snake, the build up will get moved around and a small hole in the stoppage. When you use the jetter it washes the grease from the walls of the pipe and sends it down the line. See the picture of the pipe after running the drain snake and then look at the pipe after running a hydro jetter.


Watch this video to see what this machine can do...


Hydro Jetting a Main Sewer Drain

This hydro jetter is the best jetter on the market and will cut tree roots up to 2″ thick. We use this machine to clean main sewer lines and it will remove grease sludge dirt silt and tree roots. This jetter pushes 18 gallons of water per minute 4,000 pounds per square inch. When we run a sewer drain snake and then follow it up with a camera, if we see roots that we cant remove with a cutting blade, we run this baby and remove them all. We also use this often on parking lot drains that have loads of dirt and we wash it all out. If you have a main sewer drain that gives you problems on a regular bases, give us a call and we will let you know if the hydro jetter is best for your situation. We have the lowest price on jetting and I know this because we jet for most plumbers in the area so I know we can offer the lowest price.


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