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Rancho Cucamonga Faucet FixtureFaucets are Getting Advanced

Have you seen the latest faucets? For many years faucets came with two handles, hot and cold, thats it. If you wanted warm water, you had to mix it yourself by adjusting the handles. Now a days the Faucet will do all sorts of stuff such as turn on and off just by putting your hands under the spout. Most faucets are made with ceramic disks on the inside to last a lifetime.

The Kitchen Faucets

The new latest and greatest kitchen fauce ts can have up to two feet of pull out sprayer where you can fill a pot while it sits on the counter so you don’t have to hold it while it fills. With a new one out now, you can turn it on and off without moving the handle, you just touch it or tap it. Most kitchen faucets only take up one hole leaving you room to add a soap dispenser or instant hot water heater for soup, tea or instant coffee.

The Bathroom Faucets

The bathroom is where you refresh, and clean up, so having right bathroom faucets should fit your style or personality. The most common measurements are a 4” or 8” spread. Then there are single hole faucets for sinks with only one hole. The finish and color of your faucets have to match the shower fixtures. You have a few to choose from silver metallic, stainless steel, brushed nickel, gold, oil rubbed bronze, brass and chrome. as you can see its wide open for options when it comes to bathroom faucets.

Be careful if you decide to fix your own faucets, cover the garbage disposal drain so you don’t drop any screws in it.


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