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Rancho Cucamonga drain & Sewer cleaning Just $49.50Any Drain or Sewer, Just $49.50

We are the first and the original Rancho Cucamonga plumbing service to offer drain cleaning for $49.50 The average plumbing company charges $99.00 You will find that others have tried to copy us with the $49.00 price point, but when you call, they will tell you that it's extra to clean the drain from the roof. We don’t care how we clean the drain, it’s $49.50 during regular business hours period.

We Have it Right on Our Service Trucks

No other plumbing company In Rancho Cucamonga can beat our price on drain cleaning. We started the $49.50 price point and all the others have tried to copy us but the problem is, they can’t compete with us because we set up our company to do drains at $49.50 and they didn’t. We have technicians that specialize in drain cleaning and we have plumbers that specialize in plumbing. Thats how we can afford to do drain cleaning so cheap and provide great professional service.

We offer other services that go hand and hand with drain cleaning such as hydro jetting, this is a method of cleaning drains with high pressure water to wash the pipe clean. The various application we use a hydro jetter for are grease in a sewer line or even remove tree roots. We use a standard drain cleaning machine to clean drains such as kitchen sink drains, laundry drain stoppages, bathroom drains and main sewer lines. After we clean a sewer line, we insert a sewer video camera in the pipe to see if the line is clean. Sometimes we find broken sewer pipes and that lets us diagnose the situation properly and give you the right recommendation. Call the #1 Plumber in Rancho Cucamonga for all your drain cleaning needs.


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Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga